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Beginning Shamanic Workshops - I offer 2-hour introductory classes and 2-Day in-depth weekend trainings.  This is a starting point and a great way to put your feet on this path.

Advanced Workshops in Shamanic Practices -

These classes have several types of training: for those who aspire to utilize shamanic healing practices with clients, as well as some classes that teach life-skills for personal use.  The Beginning Shamanism weekend workshop is a basic prerequisite for most of them. Be sure you have good journeying skills before signing up for these advanced workshops.

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Monthly Shamanic Journeying Circle

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How can we better embrace life with heart and spirit?  We each have a personal direct-line to spirit, but may need some help to reawaken it.  Shamanism is an ancient spiritual pathway, still practiced worldwide, with roots going back an estimated 50,000-100,000 years through a range of animistic practices. 

No matter what your genetic roots, chances are your distant ancestors engaged in some version of these practices.

The life we craft for ourselves (full and joyful?), our interaction with others (compassionate?), our work in the world (meaningful?) and the connection we build with Spirit to support and nourish all this...

I’ve come to think of this life-designing as an act of crafting - “smithing” - which for me is inspired by Brigid, the Celtic goddess/patroness of smithcraft.  Life does tend to hammer, heat and pound us: How can we consciously help to determine the new form emerging from life’s sacred flame?

Shamanism is still here, and it still works, providing the spirit-connection for which many of us hunger.  If it's ready to reawaken within you, please join us, for training, for healing, for connection with community.


Shamanic Studies:


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